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How to Care for your Pearls

Quality pearls can be very durable, But proper care is required to keep them beautiful.
When caring for your pearls,there are several important things to remember.

Pearls should  be wiped gently with a warm, damp cloth to remove body oils or dirt
 (as it can discolor the pearls) before putting them away.

Periodically wash pearls with almond or olive oil on a soft cloth.
After washing,  wrap them in a  damp cotton towel to dry.

Pearls should always be stored separately from other jewelry as it may scratch or mar the pearls surface.
Take the time to wrap the pearls in linen, soft cloth, or place them in a soft pouch.
Pearls require moisture so Do Not store pearls in a plastic bag or other airtight package.
 An excessively dry environment may result in damage.

Always keep pearls away from substances thay will damage the pearl surface like chlorine bleach, vinegar, ammonia, hair spray, perfume, and cosmetics.
Put pearls on LAST after spraying perfume or hairspray and putting on makeup.
Remove pearls before exercising to avoid perspiration, which is slightly acidic.

Just wear them with confidence and ENJOY!

You will own a valuable lasting piece of jewelry that will bring glamour and happiness
in many moments of your life.
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