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The ocean constitutes over 90% of the habitable space on the planet.
It’s home to the greatest diversity of major plant, animal, and microbial groups on Earth.
Among them, sea-shell represent a branch with tens of thousands species discovered.
Their diversity of shape and color is remarkable.
Ranging from microscopic to more than 24 inches in size, these shells are the outer protection for an inner living organism. These creatures can live up to 500 years old (Ming clam).

Shell working is an Art that we learned in Tahiti for several years.
Since sea-shell is a very hard and dense material, hours of meticulous work is required
to turn them into amazing jewelry.

Their natural beauty is highlighted in our creations.

Pinctada Margaritifera

Commonly known as the Black-Lip Pearl Oyster,this saltwater clam is a marine bivalve mollusk, in the family Pteriidae.
This species is found in the Indo-Pacific within tropical coral reefs.
It’s ability to produce pearls ,and it’s thick shell, represent a valuable ressource for humains.
With a height between 200mm to 250mm, these adult shells are tranform into shirt buttons when they can not longer
produce decent pearls.
By Selecting them for their colors and shine, Te Hotu Mana is proud to turn these beautiful oysters into One-of-a-Kind pieces of Jewelry. 
  Maoa shell
Also known as Burgot , this marine snail has a heavy green shell and a large  operculum that closes like a door .
This gastropod lives in tropical reef flats ,down to depths of approximately 20meters.
It is active by night and forages among the rubble for the algae and microalgae on which it feeds.
The burgo is used by the population in dishes.
The natural greenish color of this shell is shown at it’s best in Te Hotu Mana’s Creations. 
Cowrie shell

The Tiger cowrie or Cypraea specie is one of the most popular mollusk in the ocean.
 It’s well knows, even outside the aquarium hobby.
The snail inside is protected by an egg-shaped shell with spotted, shiny surface and distinctive patterns.
The Tiger cowrie occurs in black, grey, brown and white colors.
The opening of the shell is lined with sharp nail-like structures that keep intruders from entering.
No one shell is the same.
This is why the pieces we create with this shell are unique.