The Beginning of our adventure

It all started in paradise, between the islands of Tahiti and Maui with a wonderful love story between two young people,
Tevaihani & Jon, sharing the same passion for the beautiful nature surrounding them.

The breathtaking scenery, the magical colors of the lagoons and their culture soon inspired them to start this crazy adventure of creating unique and handcrafted pieces of art with what nature had to offer.

In 2011 we were about to make our dream come true by creating and owning our first business and watching it grow and flourish.
Our goal was to offer a new line of jewelry that was both original and innovative. We also found a niche by bringing affordable and high quality pearls to the market of Hawaii, mixing new ideas
and natural materials .

We started by working for our parents, making money and reinvesting it our own business . During our free time we would learn different techniques and try to work with different materials.
Soon enough we were selling our first little treasures on Maui, then the other islands , and it was a hit !

Our determination to succeed was growing.

We moved out of the family home thanks to our hard work .
We are now well known in Hawaii's pearl industry for the quality of our workmanship, uniqueness of our product, friendly and great customer service and much more...


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