Tahitian Keshis 

A keshi pearl is a non-beaded pearl formed naturally as a by-product of a pearl culturing operation.

Keshi pearls are formed when the oyster rejects and spits out the implanted nucleus before the culturing process is complete, or the implanted mantle tissue fractures and forms separate pearl sacs without nuclei.
These pearl sacs eventually produce pearls without a nucleus.

Tahitian keshis come in the same colors as Tahiti Cultured Pearls.
The keshi are made up entirely of pearl layers and range in diameter from 2-8mm.
Since there is no nucleus to guide their growth their shape varies greatly but they are often baroque in shape with round being very rare (less than 1%).  Other shapes include rice, oval, flat, and semi-round.

At Te Hotu Mana Creations, we select some of the finest Keshi pearls available.
They have a brilliant luster, strong orient, and virtually no surface blemishes.

Oysters give us one of the most beautiful jewels that is commonly sought after in the world today.

They also have a wide array of color, unlike other pearls that can either be gold or white . They are most notable for their lustrous and shimmering surface quality that makes them one of the glossiest-looking pearls on the market today.

Tahitian Keishi pearls of this quality are very difficult to find, owing to the fact that sea pearl farms are now X-raying oysters to find out whether the nucleus is intact or has been expelled.
If an oyster is found to have rejected a nucleus, it is then seeded again before a Keishi pearl has a chance to form and develop. This has led to a shortage of these pearls, leading to an increase in their Value.

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