Unique Carved pearls

Although Tahitian pearls are very special, carved pearls are exceptional.
We exquisitely carve each and every pearl depicting traditional polynesian designs to highlight their beauty .
In ancient days each tattoo and motif had a specific meaning and through our designs we try to respect and perpetuate our culture by integrating these same designs and meanings in our jewelry .
To us engraving or tattooing pearls is more than just a business it is about sharing our culture and telling our story .

By choosing a carved pearl you are not just getting a treasure from the pristine waters of Tahiti , you are getting a piece of art that tells a story from the rich heritage of our culture.
Whether you are discovering tahitian pearls or are a connoisseur, we offer a diversified collection of detailed handcarved pieces .

While many artists work is done on dull and low-grade cultured pearls , we pride ourselves in providing carved pearls of quality with very thick, lustrous nacre and deep carvings.
Our pearls display a range of luminiscent colors evocative of the magical colors of the polynesian lagoon and diversified landscape .

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